GRAPHIC tray Green
GRAPHIC tray Green
GRAPHIC tray Green

GRAPHIC tray Green

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This tray has a strong graphic character. It is made from acrylic resin. It consists of a mineral powder and water based resin, bonded in a viscous liquid that has to be pigmented, melded, sawed, sanded and sealed. Each element is separately coloured and melded. The moon-shaped element creates depth because it lies a bit higher than the bottom of the tray.

Material: Acrylic Resin


Height 3 cm / 1,2 in

Width 37 cm / 14,5 in


Clean with a soft cloth. Never use sprays ore abrasive cleaners.


This object is unique and entirely made by hand. Minor differences in color and small imperfections are inherent to the method of production and type of material. They give the object its distinctive characteristics.