FORM table 3
FORM table 3
FORM table 3
FORM table 3

FORM table 3

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The base of this low table consists of 2 hollow cilinders and 1 cilinder sliced in half. It's topped with a slab surface for seating or display.

Available in various colour combinations.

One edition is more playful, with tonal gradient bases and contrasting, eye-catching tops. Blue pairs with yellow, green with pink, lavender with rust. The second edition is a bit more sophisticated, with each work occupying a single color family, each of its elements slightly darker than the next.


Lacquered MDF


Height 25 cm / 9,8 in

Width 150 cm /  59,1 in

Dept 60 cm / 23,6 in

Weight 41kg


Clean with a soft cloth. Never use sprays or abrasive cleaners.